Student: Patrick (UI/UX Design Student)

University Final Year Project: University Student Onboarding System Redesign


Patrick, a dedicated UI/UX design student in his final year, was assigned a project to revamp the university’s student onboarding system. Patrick wanted to make it easier for new students at university to adjust and have a better experience. He planned to use Axure RP, a comprehensive tool for creating prototypes, to design a user-friendly prototype that would simplify the onboarding process.

Here is the detailed case study on how Patrick was able to achieve the desired outcome and got outstanding response from the college students and professors.

1. Problem Identification and Research:

Patrick began his project by identifying pain points in the existing student onboarding system. He interviewed new students, reviewed existing feedback, and collaborated with university administrators to understand the pain points. Common issues included confusion about enrollment steps, lack of information about campus resources, and difficulty in accessing important documents. The common problem addressed was the flow between inter-department within the university and the workload during the admission and onboarding period. The other major issue was access management in a shorter period of time. Students had a higher expectation from the university and the available resources were not properly utilized.

2. Defining Scope and Goals:

With a clear understanding of the problem, Patrick defined the scope of his project. He wanted to create an onboarding system that would help new students with each step, give them important information, and make it easier for them to adjust to university life.

3. User Persona Development:

To ensure a user-centered approach, Patrick developed detailed user personas representing various types of new students, including local, international, and transfer students. These personas guided his design decisions and helped him empathize with users’ needs and motivations.

4. Information Architecture and Wireframing:

Patrick used Axure RP to create a well-structured information architecture for the onboarding system. He designed low-fidelity wireframes outlining the main sections, such as enrollment, campus resources, and frequently asked questions. This step allowed him to visualize the user flow and hierarchy of information.

5. Interactive Prototype Development:

Using Axure RP, Patrick transformed his wireframes into an interactive high-fidelity prototype. He incorporated interactive elements, such as registration forms, interactive checklists, and guided tours. For instance, he designed an interactive checklist that tracked completed onboarding tasks and provided instant feedback to users.

6. Guided Onboarding Process:

Patrick implemented a guided onboarding process that was adapted based on the user’s profile. For instance, international students were provided with information about visa requirements and cultural integration, while local students received details about campus facilities and local resources.

7. Dynamic Content Integration:

Thanks to Axure RP’s dynamic content capabilities, Patrick was able to simulate and bring to life real-time interactions. He included sample documents, videos, and campus maps that new students could access within the prototype, giving them a realistic sense of the onboarding experience.

8. Iterative Design and Feedback:

Patrick shared the Axure RP prototype with university administrators, faculty, and new students. Their feedback helped him refine the prototype iteratively. He adjusted the visual design, optimized user flows, and fine-tuned interactions based on their valuable insights.

9. User Testing and Validation:

Patrick coordinated user testing sessions to gather feedback from incoming students. They interacted with the Axure prototype, allowing him to observe their interactions, identify pain points, and validate the effectiveness of the solution. This iterative process ensured a user-friendly final product.

10. Final Presentation and Delivery:

In his final presentation, Patrick showcased how he leveraged Axure RP to create an immersive and user-focused onboarding solution. He highlighted the tool’s role in creating interactive forms, personalized content delivery, and realistic user interactions.


Through the adept use of Axure RP, Patrick successfully redesigned the university’s student onboarding system, providing a seamless and engaging experience for new students. The tool’s features were crucial in creating a solution that addressed the problems found during research. It helped to create interactive elements, dynamic content, and adaptive user flows. Patrick’s commitment to using advanced technology to improve the student experience shows his skill as a UI/UX design student and his dedication to creating meaningful solutions using Axure RP.

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