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Get the best prototyping tools and resources at Axure Market. Our marketplace features a variety of widgets, templates and more to help you create the best user experience for your prototyping projects. With our powerful easy-to-use drag and drop widgets, you can create amazing and professional prototypes in no time.

Tired of manually constructing every Axure widget? Get widget libraries from Axure Market and save time and money on your Axure prototyping projects! Our libraries are full of top-notch, professionally designed and tested widgets and templates that will help you build websites and prototypes faster than ever. Plus, you can trust that the widgets are always up-to-date with lifetime updates. With Axure Market’s Axure widget libraries, you can create beautiful products quickly and easily – so try it today!

Why Axure Market?

Unlock Seamless Design Potential

Elevate your design game with Axure Market’s Axure widget libraries and templates. Reimagine your prototyping process by leveraging our high-quality resources that empower you to bring your ideas to life faster and with greater precision. Our commitment to excellence ensures that all our Axure widget library and template is thoughtfully curated to cater to your evolving design needs.

Experience Exceptional Value

With a one-time fee, gain unlimited access to Axure Market’s Axure widget libraries and templates, complete with lifetime free updates. Take advantage of our special offer on the all-in-one bundle, encompassing an impressive collection of Axure widget libraries and templates in a single package. Say goodbye to design limitations and embark on a journey of limitless creativity with Axure Market.

Elevate Your Prototyping Today

Unleash the true potential of your designs with our Axure widget libraries and templates from Axure Market. Join the ranks of satisfied designers who rely on Axure Market to expedite their prototyping projects and create remarkable user experiences. Explore our offerings and witness the transformation in your design process.

Who can use our Axure libraries and templates?

  • Designer

  • Product Manager
  • Product Designer
  • Business Analyst
  • Entrepreneur
  • Project Manager
  • Design Enthusiasts
  • Developer
  • Team Leads
  • Marketing Professionals
  • App Designer
  • & Everyone who love to design

What to expect?

Live Demo

Check live demo before purchasing the libraries and templates.

Precise Widgets

All our widgets are designed precisely by experienced professionals.

Lifetime Update

Get free lifetime updates for the library you have purchased from us.


Run and managed by professionals with over a decade of experience.

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Premium Axure widget libraries from Axure Market.

Premium Axure widget libraries from Axure Market.

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Free Axure widget libraries from Axure Market.

Free Axure widget libraries from Axure Market.


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