Axure Widget Library

Axure widget library is a collection of predefined widgets that can be used to create appealing wireframes and prototypes. Widgets from the Axure widget library can be drag and drop into the Axure canvas to expedite the wireframing and prototyping project. Axure itself comes with some predefined widget libraries that can be used for the wireframes.

How Axure Widget Library makes your life easier?

Axure widget library has prebuilt widgets that you can just drag and drop to the Axure canvas and create the wireframe or prototype quickly. You don’t need to create those widgets on your own and it’ll save a good amount of time that you can invest in something else. One may need to spend hours on creating the interactive widgets that you may be using from an Axure widget library. For example, if you download our simple calendar widget library, then you can just drag them, make the necessary edits and save a minimum of 2 hours while creating the calendar prototypes.

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Why Axure Widget Library from Axure Market?

Axure Market is run by Axure professionals for over a decade and has created more than 500 wireframes for global audiences. All the Axure widget libraries that are available in Axure Market are precisely crafted by the experts. Axure Market has a collection of both the free Axure widget library and premium Axure widget library. All the Axure widgets that are available on our Market are updated regularly and also provide a lifetime update on the libraries that you’ve purchased.

Download Axure widget library

Navigate to to find the appropriate Axure widget library that you need for your project and download it. There are several other widget libraries that you may find on the internet which you can download and use in your wireframing or prototyping project. If you feel like the Axure widget library will save your time then we recommend you to go for it.

Well, if you have a plan to create some extraordinary kind of prototypes and wireframes, you may contact us and we can create an amazing Axure widget library for you. Our experts are always eager to help the designers, product managers, product designers, information architects, mobile architects, and all of you who are actively looking for an awesome Axure widget library to save your precious time and expedite the wireframing process.

Can I create my own Axure widget library?

Yes, of course. You can create your own Axure widget library. We will be posting another blog sometime soon on how to create an Axure widget library and will link it here. Stay tuned and keep following us for more Axure related tips, tricks, and hacks.

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Axure Market is an Axure widget library store where you can purchase premium and free Axure widget libraries and Axure templates. All the Axure widget libraries and Axure templates are curated by professionals with more than a decade of experience in Axure.

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